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Corporate Information

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Soft Immersion Labs, Inc. is a New Media Research and Development company focused on creating high-impact interactive video-hyperlink technology and solutions for the Windows 95/98/NT and 2000 PC platforms.

Founded, owned and operated by a group of experienced computer industry professionals with proven track records in the development of enabling multimedia technologies, the principals of Soft Immersion Labs are able to provide unique new-media technology solutions for our clients.

With these solutions, Soft Immersion Labs provides all video/audio capture, encoding, integration, CDR Master production, Disc Replication and end user technical support. All productions are built with and play through custom, proprietary software developed and owned by Soft Immersion Labs.

Our proprietary video hyperlink technology is marketed to video content based advertising agencies, new media, video and broadcast production companies. All creative content development, storyboarding and market development is handled by and through our clients.

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