Expanding Audience -

CDROM Delivery Solutions

With one of the fastest growing markets, the Windows PC platform provides the largest available audience for your Interactive HyperVideo productions:
  • Over 90% of the computers actively connected to the internet are running a 32 bit Windows Operating System
  • For 1999, total annual WorldWide PC shipments reach for 108 million units, 1998 saw 92 million units, while 1997 saw some 87 million units sold and 1996 saw some 70 million units sold.
  • There are currently between 300 million and 400 million PC's World wide that can run a VLynX Production
  • There are approximately 134 million people in North America with Internet Access, of which about 120 Million are connected through a MIcrosoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000 based PC.

With this audience size and no NTSC/PAL format problems, the CDROM Format provides the best delivery method for your interactive video media.

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